Luyang Music Studio is offering piano, voice, beginning ukulele and music theory lessons to music lovers at all ages and levels! Lessons are preferred to take place at my home studio in Wood Dale, Illinois. However, given the current situations with COVID, students are required to wear a mask during lesson.

For piano lessons, students will primarily play on a Yamaha digital piano, Clavinova CVP-207, with weighted keys and lots of sound options and effects. In my home studio, there is also an A. B. Chase baby grand piano that is currently in restoration process. Hopefully this baby grand will be put in use sooner than later in our lessons!

For voice lesson students, I am currently running an online group voice lesson program with 8-12 members per group. I have to say, online teaching has opened a whole new world for me. Although it is difficult to teach vocal techniques without live one-on-one interaction, technology has really helped ALL of my beginner singers on theory learning, notation reading, pronunciation, and so much more! With those critical fundamentals are the strongest back up for a vocalist. Feel free to ask questions about this program if you are interested!

If you are interested in taking music lessons, please send me a request here with a short introduction of your musical background (it’s fine if you don’t have any yet!), and your availability for lessons so we can schedule an appointment for a FREE first lesson!

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